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Lifestyle SessionsBecause moments are important

Mom and dad love their family by Dallas lifestyle photographerReal, everyday, life.

There is something extremely meaningful behind photographing lifestyle sessions in your home. Being welcomed into your home and using your personal surroundings as a backdrop, to observe and document your family for you in a new and interesting way. I especially love these sessions with children.

Because all homes and apartments have personality, which is why I value using your space for these lifestyle sessions. I love looking at old photos and seeing whats in the background. The toy you used to like, the crazy wallpaper (that was totally in at the time!), all the little things that made your home what it is.

How can you prepare for a lifestyle session? Honestly, I just want you to relax and go about your day like you normally would. I love observing and can also give small prompts if you would like me to. Kids are always more relaxed in an environment they are used to, their toys, books, that favorite blanket of theirs, hugs before bed, sitting down for a meal together, making cookies, playing games, reading in your favorite room, playing at the park and jumping on the bed. A lifestyle session is about those moments, because those moments are what make you and your family unique. Real, relaxed, your family.

Ready for your lifestyle or portrait session, or have a question? Just send me an note, or fill out a contact form here.